337 Ca Khúc Song Ngữ

Thực hiện chuyển ngữ bởi MS Dadid Dong từ năm 1990

10,000 reasons – Ngan loi chuc tan (G)

10,000 reasons to bless the Lord – Ngan loi chuc tan (C)

A happy song – Vui hat cho Chua

Above all – Tren ca moi dieu

Ah Lord God – Gie-ho-va, Chua

Alive – Song dong (Hillsong 2014)

Alive , alive forevermore – Chua song vinh quang

Alive forever more – Chua hang song

All consuming fire – Tinh yeu Cha nhu lua Thieng

All heavens declares

All Honour – Lua Duc Thanh Linh

All we like sheep – Chien lac tro ve (Don Moen)

Arise and sing – Ta vui hat ca

Arise in the name of Jesus – Hay song trong Danh Chua

As for me and my house – Hau viec Chua suot doi

At the cross – Noi Thap Gia Matt Redman (Minh Dung)

Be bold . Be strong- Hay vung long manh me

Be Glorified – Vinh quang Danh Chua

Beautiful One – Dang Thanh dep tuoi (Kim Phuong)

Because He lives – Vi Jesus song

Before The Throne Of God – DenTruocNgoiTroi (Minh Dung)

Behold how good – Thi thien 133

Blessed be the name of the Lord – Phuoc thay Danh Jesus

Blessed be your name – Phuoc thay danh Chua (Matt Redman)

Break every chain – Pha tan moi xieng

Breath of heaven – Huong thom thien cung (Amy Grant)

Breathe – Su song Chua ban (Lead Sheet) A

Bridge over troubled water – Chiec cau qua dong bao to

Bridge over troubled water (Viet) Chiec cau qua giong bao to

Broken vessel – Tan vo – Hillsong 2014

By his wounds – Boi lan don Ngai (Don Moen)

Can’t stop talking – The gioi biet on Cha

Can’t stop talking about – The gioi biet on Cha

Cast thy burden – Con nguyen khan xin

Celebrate the Lord of love – Ngoi khen Chua tinh yeu

Celebrate,Jesus celebrate – Hoan ca Chuc ton Chua

Change my heart o God

Christ is enough – Christ tron lanh_Hillsong 2013

Clap clap Your hands – Tay tay vo deu

Clap your hands – Hay vo tay len

Come now is the time to worship – Den

Cornerstone – Da Goc Nha (Minh Dung)

Cornerstone -Da Goc Nha-Hillsong

Cornestone – Hon da goc nha

Days of elijah – Ngay cua Eli

Do it again (Elevation Church) Xin Chúa lập lại 

Draw me close – Gan ben Chua cang hon

Enter in – Den voi tinh yeu

Everlasting God – Duoc suc moi 2017

Every move I make – Moi buoc trong doi

Every move I make – Moi buoc trong doi

Every Praise – Moi tieng hat

Father amazing – Tinh yeu thuong Chua

Father Amazing love – Tinh yeu thuong Chua

Father o father – Cha yeu dau

Feliz Navidaz – Mung Chua da giang tran

Feliz Navidaz – Mung Chua giang tran – Linh Phuong

Firm foundation- Nen tang vung chac

For all You’ve done – Vi moi dieu Ngai da lam

For You are my God- Vi Gie-xu la Chua

Forever – Mai mai Cha oi (Kari Jobe)

Forever- Mai Muon Doi

Forever reign – Mai mai tri vi ( Hillsong )

Forever sing praise – Ngoi khen Chuc ton

Friend of God – Ban huu cua Chua

Give thanks – Dang long biet on

Give thanks to the lord – Ta on Vua Jesus

Give them all to Jesus – Lai ben cha (D Minh Tri)

Give them all to Jesus – Lai ben Cha

Glorify thy Name – Vinh thay Danh Chua

Glory to the lamb – Vinh hien thay Chien con

Glory to the Lord – Moi vinh quang thuoc Chua (Lynn Deshazo)

Glory to the Lord_Lynn Deshazo

God is able – Chua toan nang (Hillsong 2011)

God is able – Chua toan nang (Hillsong)

God is good – Chua la tot lanh

God is good all the time – Dep tuoi thay la Gie-xu

God of this city – Chua cua dan toc con

God so loved – Chua qua yeu (Hillsong)

God will make a way – Ngai luon mo loi

God with us – Chua o cung

Great and mighty army – Chien sy Thanh

Great are You Lord – Cha lon lao thay

Great Is Your Mercy – On thuong xot cao voi (don moen)

Grown-UpChristmas List (tieng Anh)

Hallelujah cam ta Chua_Tran Anh Tuan

Hallelujah Chorus – Chua La Vua (Tin Lanh)

Hallelujah Chorus – Vietnamses [Catholic]

Hallelujah Jesus

Hallelujah, He is here – Chua o cung


Hallelujah_chorus (English)

Hallelujah To the Lamb – Ca ngoi Chien Con

Hallow the Name of Jehovah – Ton Thanh Gie-ho-va

Happy new year – mung nam moi

Happy new year_Linh Phuong

He is able – Jesus nang quyen

He is Jehovah – Ngai la Jehovah (Dm)

He is Jehovah – Ngai la Jehovah (Em)

He is Jehovah – Ngai la Jehovah

He lives – Chua song

He Shall reign – Ngai van luon cai tri

He will carry you – Chua cuu vot doi toi (Vinh Phuc)

Here i am to worship – Chua oi con tho phuong Ngai

Here we are – Tai noi nay

Hiding Place – Jesus la chon nuong than

His love endures forever – Su nhon tu Ngai con den doi doi

Holiness unto the Lord – Cung ton Thanh Chua

Holy and Anoited one – Dang Christ

Holy Spirit – Duc Thanh Linh (Francessca)

Hosanna – Brooke Fraser (D)

Hosanna Hillsong_Brook Fraser 2009

How Great Is Our God – Chua That Tuyet Thay (Minh Dung)

How great is our God – Vi dai thay Chua

How great thou art – bon be

I Am Free – Bai ca phep la – Key D

I am the healed – Danh-y Gie-xu (Terry Matthew) 

I am the Lord – Dang chua lanh

I am the lord That healeth thee – Dang chua lanh

I bow Down – Ton tho Ngai

I come to you in Jesus’ Name -Hay den cung Chua

I could sing of Your love – Con se hat ve tinh yeu Chua

I could sing of Your love – Con ton vinh tinh yeu Chua

I exalt thee – Con ton vinh Cha

I have give you authority – Giay dap satan duoi chan

I just wanna be where You are – Chi mong duoc o gan Chua

I lift up my eyes – Toi nguoc mat len

I offer my life – Dang Chua tron doi

I Surrender (Am) Con Nguyen suy phuc – Hillsong

I will bless the Lord – Chuc ton

I will exalt You – Se mai tan duong Ngai

I will not be afraid – Toi se khong so (new – 2 verses)

I will not be afraid – Toi se khong so

I will serve no foreign God – Huong ve Chua

I Worship You – Tho ton Jesus

I worship You o Lord – Mai ton tho Chua

If my people who bear my name – Con neu dan goi bang danh Ta (II su ky 7-14)

In Christ Alone – Chi Trong Dang Christ (Nguyen Minh Dung)

In Christ alone – Chi trong Jesus (Nguyen Duy Trung)

In Him we live – Song voi Gie-xu

In Jesus’ name – Trong danh Chua Jesus (Darlene Zschech)

It is good thing – Nao cung nhau hat len

It is well with my soul – Tam Linh Con Yen Ninh

Jesus at the center – Jesus la trung tam ( Israel Houghton)

Jesus lover of my soul – Luong nhon cua tam hon

Jingle bell Rock- Ngan tieng Chuong long

Joy of my desire – Con hang uoc mong

Just Let Me Say – De Duoc Noi Yeu Ngai

King of kings – Vua cua muon vua (Hillsong 2019)

Lead me to the Cross – Tai noi Thap Tu Gia

Lead Me To The Cross-Dat Con Ve Thap Tu (Nguyen Minh Dung)

Let God arise – Dang troi day

Let the redeem – Hoi Ke Duoc Mua Chuoc

Let the redeemed – Dang cuu chuoc

Let the redeemed – Hoi ke duoc chuoc

Let us adore – Hay kinh ton Chua

Let Us Exalt His Name – Cung Ngoi Ca Chua (Minh Dung)

Lift him up – Con ton cao Danh Chua

Like a Shepherd- Ngai la Dang chan dat

Long con dang tieng hat – I love You Lord

Lord You’re so good – Chua that tot lanh

Lord I come before You now – Gio con den

Lord I need You – Chua oi, con can Ngai (Chris tomlin)

Lord I offer my life – Dang Chua tron doi

Lord of all – Gie-xu Christ Danh tren khap the gian

Lord You are Good – Chua that tuyet voi

Lord, i lift your Name on high – Cung nhau den chuc ton Danh Cha

Lord, I raise my hands to bless You – Chuc phuoc Ngai

Loving Spring – Xuan yeu thuong (English)

Majesty – Vua oai nghi

Make my life an offering – Xin hien doi con

Make us one lord – Nhat hiep trong Jesus

Mary did you know-Vi sao Chua den

Mary’s Boy Child – Con cua Mari la Chua tui

Mary’s boy child Jesus Christ – Con cua Mary la Chua toi

Mercy is falling – Tinh yeu da den

Mi Corazon – Trai tim thuoc Chua (don moen)

Mighty to save – Quyen nang cuu roi 2

Mighty to save (A) Quyen Nang Cuu Roi

More love , More power – Them yeu thuong , them nang quyen

More than a child – Thánh Nhi

Mourning into dancing – Tu than khoc den vui mung

My chains are gone – An dien la lung

My hope – Uoc vong doi con

My life is in You , Lord – Cuoc song con o trong Ngai

My Redeemer lives – Dang song muon doi

My Redeemer lives – Ngai song hien vinh

My soul follows hard after thee – Tam con yen thay

Need You Here – Khat khao gan Ngai

Need You here – Khat khao gan Ngai

Nguyen men yeu Chua – Lord, I’m gonna love You

No condemnation – Su doan xet da bien tan

Nobody loves me like You Jesus – Khong ai yeu con nhu chinh Chua

No longer slave – Chang con toi no

No One Else – Khong Ai Hon Ngai

No Weapon formed against me – Khong gi co the thang hon

Not by power-Khong boi quyen the

Now that you’re near – Gio Chua o ben__Vinh Phuc

Now unto the King – Cung dang len Vua

Now unto the King eternal – Nao dang Vua hien vinh (medley)

O righteous God – Lay Cha cong nghia

Ocean will part – Muon nuoc se den

Oceans where feet may fail- Dong doi

Oceans will part – Muon nuoc se den

Oh the glory of your presence – Hien vinh Danh Ngai

One Way – Duy nhat Jesus –

Only by grace (4 be) Boi an dien Chua

Only by Grace Boi an dien Chua

Only You – Duy Ngai

Only Jesus  (Casting Crowns)

Open the eyes of my heart – Khat khao duoc thay Ngai

Open the eyes of my heart Lord – Khat khao duoc thay Ngai

Our God – Chua chung con

Our God is God – Danh Giexu Dang lon lao

Phuoc Thay Danh Chua- Beth Matt Redman

Power Of The Cross – Quyen Nang Thap Tu

Power of Your love – Nang quyen tinh yeu

Praise from every nation – Muon dan ca ngoi Danh Chua

Praise is awaiting You – Toi mong doi Ngai (Paul Wilbur)

Praise looks good on You – Nay con , Ta van cho

Prince of Peace – Thanh thay danh Ngai (lead sheet)

Proclaimation – Cong bo Danh Chua

Raise a Hallelujah (Bethel Music 2019) A

Raise a Hallelujah (Bethel Music 2019) G

Reckless Love – Tinh yeu vo luong vo bien

Resurrecting – Chua Phuc Sinh (Bb)

Rise up – Troi day

Roni, roni bat zion – Mung vui ca hat

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer- Cuu roi muon dan

RUN – Hay vuon len (Hillsong)

Run – Hay vuon len

Shine Jesus shine – Jesus Chieu sang

Shout to the Lord – Ca vang danh Chúa

Shouts of joy – Lon tieng mung vui

Sing , shout , clap – Mua , hat , vo tay

Sing for joy in the Lord – Cung cat tieng hat vui mung

Sing hallelujah – Hat Hallelujah

Sing Sing Sing – Hat len nao

So You Would Come – De Anh Duoc Tha (Minh Dung)

Stand Firm in Him – Vung tin noi Chua (Revised) Australia 2010

Stand firm in Jesus -Vung tin noi Chua – (David Dong)

Stand up and give him the praise – Kia ai nhu Jesus

Still – Vung an (Hillsong)

Stronger – Manh suc

Stronger – Manh Thay Jesus (Minh Dung)

Ten thousand Reasons – Bless The Lord-Nguyen Minh Dung

Thanhks be to God – Cam on Gie-xu

Thank You Jesus – Cam on Gie-xu Hillsong 2014

Thank You Jesus – Cam on Jesus (HIllsong)

Thank You Lord – Cam on Ngai (Do Moen)

Thank You Lord – Ta on Cha

Thank You, Lord – Cam on Chua_Dennis Jernigan

The Family Prayer Song – Gia Dinh Hiep Nguyen

The joy of the Lord – Vui trong Ngai hoai

The Lion and the Lamb – Su tu Giu-da

The lord God Reigns – Jesus Christ cai tri

The mighty one of Israel – Dang nang quyen cua Israel

The Prayer – Loi Nguyen Cau(David Foster)

The prayer (harmony part giong nu)

The river is here – Co mot dong song

There is none like You – Khong ai ngoai Jesus

Thien Dang trong long – Heaven is in my heart

This is amazing grace – Day on thieng Cha (Phil Wickham)

This is the gospel of Christ – Tin Lanh cua Dang Christ

Thong kho nhan – Man Of Sorrows (Hillsong) F -Dung Nguyen

Three hundred man – Bai ca chien thang

Through It all – Moi giay phut trong doi

Thy Will be done- Ý Chúa (Hillary Scott)

Thy Word – Loi Ngai

Time is too short – Thang ngay troi mau

To him who sits on the throne – Dang len Ngoi Ngai

To live is Christ – Song vi Christ (Hiilsong)

To the ends of the earth – Va cho den khap dat

Touch the sky – Cham den Thien cung

Trading my sorrows – Doi lay vui mung

Trading my sorrows – Vang, thua Chua

Trading my sorrows

Tremble – Bong toi khiep run (lead sheet)

Turn our eyes on Jesus – Nhin Chua Jesus

Until-the-end – Cho den mai mai

Unto You – Den voi Ngai

Up to Jerusalem – Cung den Gie-ru-sa-lem

Valentine Yeu thuong (2014) recorded

Valentine Yeu thuong_David Dong 2014

Via Dolorosa – Duong thuong kho – LV Vinh Phuc

Via Dolorosa (Psalm Music record)

Vinh hien lon lao-Great is Your glory

Vua muon Vua – King of kings

Wake – Tinh thuc (Hillsong 2014)

Way Maker – Dang mo duong – Lead Sheet (Bb)

We believe – Con tin quyet (Bb) Newsboys

We believe – Con tin quyet (D) Newsboys

We come to bless Your Name – Ta mau gio tay len chuc ton

We give You glory – Dang Chua hien vinh

We will serve the Lord – Cung hau viec Chua

We’ve come to bless – Hiep lai trong an dien (Don Moen)

What a beautiful name – Cao sang thay danh Jesus – 2017

What a friend we have in Jesus – Jesus la ban that

What a mighty God we serve – Jesus Christ nang quyen

When i look into Your Holiness – Tho phuong Cha

Where does my help come from – Su tiep tro toi den tu dau

White Christmas_Mua dong goi nho

Whiter than snow – Tinh bach hon tuyet

Who Am I – Day mua Xuan

Who Am I – Toi la ai (casting crowns)

Who You say I am – Dang da goi con (Hillsong )

With all I am – Moi dieu trong con

With Christ in the vessel – Cung Christ trong mai am

Wonderful Merciful Saviour – Dieu Ky thay Dang Xot Thuong Cuu Chuoc Worthy is the Lamb – Ca Ngoi Chien Con

Worthy is the Lamb (only English ) darlene zschech

Worthy is the Lamb (Ton vinh Chien Con) Le Dinh Tuan

Worthy You are worthy – Gie-xu that dang ton

Worthy You are worthy – Xung dang thay Danh Ngai (Don Moen)

wOw (Revised-Aug2008)

Yesterday today and forever – Hom qua ngay nay va doi doi

You Alone Can Rescue – Duy Ngai Cuu Vot

You are my all in all – Ngai la muon nhu cau toi

You are my every thing – Ngai la tat ca

You are my God- Gie-xu la Chua

You has made me glad – Ngai khien toi vui mung

You have been good – Dang tot lanh

You need me -Chua qua yeu toi

You Never Let Go – Chua van o ben (Matt Redman) – Lời: MS David Dong 

You Never Let Go – Ngai Chang Lia Xa

You raise me up – Chua do nang con 2

You raise me up – Chua do nang con

You won’t relent – Ai tinh cua Chua

Your Grace is enough (F)

Your Grace is enough (G) – On thieng Cha tuon day

Your love for me – Chua van yeu con

Your Love Never Fails

Your Love Never Fails-Bb

Your name high – Ton cao danh Ngai(Hillsong )

Your name high – Ton Cao Danh Chua

Your Presence Is Heaven To Me (Israel Houghton) – C

Your steadfast love – Tinh yeu vung ben

You’re born to be loved – Sinh ra de duoc yeu

Yours Forever_Chua bat bien_Hillsong

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